Application Example

BRX1 used as line extension for from MSAN to EFM CPE. Remote power of BRX, line bundling and double line extension can be used.


BRX1 - 2 Wire SHDSL EFM Repeater

The BRX1 is a fully-managed and easy to install and operate SHDSL EFM repeater. The BRX1 is used for extending the reach of SHDSL-lines for Ethernet First Mile (EFM) Transmission. Each repeater can double the length of the transmission line. The BRX1 will be installed between Multi Service Access Node (MSAN) at Exchange Side or Curb and the SHDSL Customer Premises Equipment (CPE). For extension of lines up to two repeaters can be installed in the line. The BRX1 is a hardened device and can be used in not climate controlled locations.
In case of EFM line bundling several BRX1 can be used (# BRX = # line bundling).
The BRX1 can be fully integrated into the management of MSAN devices of different vendors via standard EOC channel information.
A remote software download to the BRX can easily be made via EOC-Channel either via MSAN or the arcutronix download device BRX-DL.
The BRX1 can be fed locally or remotely from MSAN location. In case of remote power feeding the arcutronix RPX16 will be connected between MSAN and BRX and can feed up to two BRX for each line. The first BRX in the line will fully automatically forward the power feeding to the second BRX if enough power is available. Other devices than repeater will not be fed (automatic repeater detection). No setting via jumper is needed.

BRX1 Datasheet
DS-BRX (.pdf, 406 kb)


  • Ethernet First Mile (EFM) repeater
  • Extending reach of SHDSL lines
  • Data rate from 192 kbps up to 5696 kbps
  • Line bundling capable
  • Can be used in SyncE and IEEE1588
  • Multi repeater use
  • Local (-48/-60V) and remote power feeding (115V) support
  • Automatic power forwarding in case of remote power feeding
  • Extended climatic conditions
  • Full support of standard EOC commands
  • Fitting in standard Repeater slots
  • Software upgrade via EOC channel
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