Dear Customer and Business Partner

arcutronix is a leading supplier equipment for telecommunication infrastructure and security.
At our location in Hanover we are developing products and distribute them mainly in Europe but also to Asia and North Africa. The incumbent telco are also our customers, as smaller carriers.
arcutronix is a fab-less company. We have very good access to the plant of our parent company in Austria, which is located in the South-West of Austria. There we do most of our production and shipment.
Established in year 2007, arcutronix can look back almost on 10 years of successful existence. We appreciate the trust of our customers and the many satisfied feedback signals during this time.
Our goal is to always put the needs of our customers and their satisfaction in the foreground. As a private enterprise, we can react quickly and flexibly to requests and needs.
Our experience in network technologies comprises the last 25 years that have brought many changes with it. Not everything that has been presented in recent years as innovation has become established and enforced. But for us it was important to support the ideas and changes and to draw our conclusions from it. So today we see that the need for synchronization in packet networks is becoming more and more important. Both frequency synchronization that we have estimated to ISDSN network, but also high-precision time synchronization will enable new business models and applications. arcutronix have taken this trend and selected "Synchronize the Ethernet" as our motto.

That leaves arcutronix, the bridge between you and your customers!

Strategic partnership with Keytronix: Together with our Partner Keytronix in Vienna we have a complete product range of access devices and ensure with support and manu­facture from our locations in Germany and Austria, highest quality and quick avai­labi­lity. Based on this partner­ship and positive customer feed­backs we are convinced to have a solid growth of arcutronix.