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BRX1 - 2 Wire SHDSL EFM Repeater

The BRX1 is a fully-managed and easy to install and operate SHDSL EFM repeater. The BRX1 is used for extending the reach of SHDSL-lines for Ethernet First Mile (EFM) Transmission. Each repeater can double the length of the transmission line. The BRX1 will be installed between Multi Service Access Node (MSAN) at Exchange Side or Curb and the SHDSL Customer Premises Equipment (CPE). For extension of lines up to two repeaters can be installed in the line. The BRX1 is a hardened device and can be used in not climate controlled locations.

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CSX - Family

The CSX product family provides high speed transmission on copper lines, based on DSL technique. It provides affordable, flexible and efficient service provisioning for SME and SOHO customers as well as campus applications. Several different user interfaces can be ordered to provide solution from Internet access (Ethernet / EFM) to legacy services as machine-to-machine applications (V.24). The DSL side of the CSX-family is using standard telephone lines (UTP) for transmission and several lines can be bundled to achieve data-rates of up to 20Mbps across several kilometers. A powerful repeater (BRX1) is available to extend the operating distances massively.

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