SPX100 - AC and DC System Power Supply

The SPX100 System Power Supplies are part of the arcutronix’ Multi Service Platform and designed for installation into arcutronix’ 19” system rack SRX.
Each system rack has 2 slots for redundant power supply. It can be equipped with AC or DC power supplies to fit into typical telecom as well as in other application scenarios. Redundancy (AC + AC, DC + DC or AC + DC) gives security and carrier class availability.

All arcutronix’ rack mount cards inside the 19” system rack are supplied via rack backplane and system rack power management.
The intelligent SRX power management is a power share bus indicating the available power left to feed the rack mount cards. This allows protecting running services and an effective utilization of the power supply capabilities. 

SPX100 Datasheet
DS-SPX100 (.pdf, 303 kb)


  • Redundancy-capable (int)
  • Hot swappable
  • Single voltage: 5 V DC, 20 A
  • Mains supply: -48 V DC or 115/230 V DC
  • 8HP panel
  • 3RU rack mount card
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