Web based graphical user interface is accessible from every standard web browser. Using Web-GUI, all components of local and remote site can be monitored and configured.
All signals and the card status in different racks are displayed graphically. When installing new devices, they will be automatically discovered and displayed.


SCX2e - System Controller (SNMP) Agent

The System Controller SCX2e is used to control, configure and monitor all types of arcutronix line-cards and system-racks (SRX). The System Controller provides access by using SNMP, Web-GUI and SSH.

The Web-GUI assists a user friendly field installation and configuration. For SNMP management, several    standard and product specific MIB files (Management Information Base) are provided. SSH supports automatic configuration on secure remote access via unsecure networks. Remote SW-upload for SCX2e itself and all other component in the system rack is realized via TFTP or http. After copying SW updates to SCX2e Flash File System updated files are loaded into agent and plugged modules on administrator`s request. The in-band management capability, in combination with the System Controller SCX2e allows Carriers and ISPs to maintain and supervise all devices inside management system via single NMS access point. Trap signaling helps to detect errors in case of any failure or status change at the local or remote site.

SCX2e Datasheet
DS-SCX2e.pdf (.pdf, 541 kb)


  •    Central management access device for system racks (SRX family)

  •    2 x IP access via copper and fibre optic Ethernet

  •    Remote SW-upload for each component in a system rack via TFTP or http.

  •    Flash File System, for saving new and old SW files of all plugged cards

  •    Various management access options: SNMPv2c, SNMPv3, Web-GUI, SSH

  •    Power and Fan control functionality

  •    SNMP trap-signalling in case of local or remote status changes

  •    Enhanced Alarm Management handling

  •    Configuration handling

  •    Auto-Discovery of plugged line-cards and system rack types

  •    Alarm relay – Enhanced alarm threshold selectable in addition to autonomous alarm function via alarm relay contact

  •    Power supply via system racks (SRX) Compact 3U rack card

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