Application Example

I-SAD 19”(-S) enables a remote control center to manage and supervise different locations/areas.


I-SAD 19"(-S) - Modular IP Security Access Device

The I-SAD 19“(-S) device is a modular telecontrol system that transmits alarm signals, switching operations and telemetry data to a dedicated central network management center via copper or fiber optic lines. The IP network connection can be realized either via LAN ports or alternatively via a GPRS (GSM) wireless link.

With its integrated Ethernet switch the I-SAD 19”-S device provides VLAN functionality (64 VLAN entries) Three different modules enable customer to connect various alarm systems, fire detection systems, other sensors or similar devices over parallel inputs and to indicate signalling on parallel outputs. In addition a Temperature and Humidity Sensor can be ordered.

Connecting the built-in RS232 interface on I-SAD19”(-S) with asynchronous interface of some remote equipment offers access to third-party systems via Telnet.

The management of the I-SAD 19”device is realized by SNMP, integrated WEB Server and WEB Operator Interface (WEB-OPI), Telnet and local CLI/OPI (operator i/f).

The I/O module offers the opportunity to increase the number of I/O ports. Therefore an Alarm Extender device (AlEx) can be connected to the integrated PDH port (G.703/64k) on the I/O module.

I-SAD 19"(-S) Datasheet
DS-I-SAD 19"(-S) (.pdf, 4582 kb)


  • 10/100BaseT and 100BaseFX (pluggable SFP) network interfaces
  • Line redundancy via optional GSM/GPRS transmission (when MGSM module equipped)
  • I-SAD 19“-S: integrated Ethernet switch and VLAN support
  • 2 slots for different interface modules
  • Up to 16 parallel I/O ports (with 2 modules I-SAD MI/O)
  • Enables Telnet access to third party equipment via asynchronous RS232 port
  • Management options: SNMP, DHCP client, Web-GUI, Telnet, local CLI/OPI (VT100)
  • Up to 3x destination addresses per SNMP Trap are settable
  • Free aditable READ/WRITE communities
  • Integrated wide range power supply (48 V DC … 230 V AC)
  • Form factor: EIA 19“, 1RU
  • Temperature Sensor and Humidity Sensor are available
  • To increase number of I/O ports connecting Alarm Extender (AlEx) to PDH port of I/O module (Integrated line and device monitoring local I-SAD 19”(-S) and remote AlEx)
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