arcutronix commences leasing activity for Deutsche Telekom

SDSL components for business customers

At the beginning of May, arcutronix GmbH from Hanover, together with its partner Ihlemann AG from Braunschweig, delivered the first series devices for SDSL transmission to Deutsche Telekom. As part of a generational change in Deutsche Telekom's network, there continues to be a need for modern, high-performance transmission technology on classic copper cables. In the case of long distances, it is necessary to install amplifiers in order to be able to transmit the data signal to and from the end customer. arcutronix GmbH supplies the amplifiers as well as the central remote feed units for this purpose. Both were developed at the main location in Hanover, qualified by the customer in recent years and now manufactured in Braunschweig.

Although all of Germany speaks of the necessary fiber optic expansion, it is still necessary to have modern technology also available on existing lines as a bridge technology. Until the entire network has been converted to fiber optics, Bridging Technology can now provide customers with high-quality services, excellent service and availability.

Dr. Josef Gfrerer, Managing Director of arcutronix GmbH, explains that Deutsche Telekom and Ihlemann AG have two outstanding partners with whom they are well prepared for the future.