Application example

Feeding of up to 16 (32) repeaters with Remote Power Feeding Unit RPX16.


RPX16 - Remote Power Feeding Unit 16 lines

The Remote Power Feeding Unit RPX16 is an easy to install device for feeding remote DSL repeaters over up to 16 twisted pairs. The RPX16 is placed between Central Office equipment (eg Multiservice Access Node MSAN) and the repeater(s) in the field. The application could easily extend (by software upgrade) to other applications as well (e.g. feeding of CPE, Fibre optic locations…)
Each of the 16 remote feeding lines offers a capability of 115VDC and up to 60mA which is round about 7W per line.
Each line is individually supervised and monitored if controlling voltage and current is within the given limits. Short circuit and over voltage are also monitored. In case of detected errors, the line is automatically shut-down to prevent dangerous situations and damages.
The RPX16 is a fully managed device! Several protocols can be used for configuration and monitoring. A Web-based GUI allows a user-friendly interface and SSH-CLI can be used for more automatic processes. Via SNMP the integration in other management systems can be done easily!

RPX16 Datasheet
DS-RPX16.pdf (.pdf, 413 kb)


  • Remote Power Feeding of 16 independent DSL lines

  • 7 W feeding power per line

  • 1 HE for installation in standard ETSI and 19 inch racks

  • Management via local Web GUI, SSH-CLI and SMP

  • Remote Power Feeding of other applications prepared

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