arcutronix’ New Multirate Transponder FCX4G/FCX4G2 Works it all out from 10Mbps to 4.25Gbps – More Efficient, More Versatile and More Flexible

Hanover, 29. 09.2009

Optical Ethernet specialist arcutronix extends its transmission family by introducing its new highly flexible 4G multirate transponder. Customers may operate the FCX4G/FCX4G2 either with one or two independent channels and transmit, with only one device, data rates from 10Mbps to 4.25Gbps. In addition, the fiber optic converter and repeater supports any kind of service and all interfaces.

FCX4G/FCX4G2 for telecommunications and storage solutions: Characteristics include economic transmission of a large bandwidth of data rates covering up to 120km as well as minimum rack space. The compact 3RU card easily fits all arcutronix housings and racks. Additional key benefits are modular design, integrated 3R functionality, free choice of application (including Ethernet, SDH, Fiber Channel) for each port on each channel as well as integrated management. Unlike other devices, the FCX4G/FCX4G2 handles all advanced telecommunications and SAN interfaces. Its special unit version FCX4G-SEC offers Broadcasting and Fiber Link Protection (disaster recovery). FCX4G/FCX4G2 fits perfect to the arcutronix system family and positions itself as a major part.

The system concept: The FCX4G/FCX4G2 allows the multiple and economic use of fiber optics in combination with the OSX8+1, an 8 channel passive optical CWDM splitter plus 1310nm SM express port, and the 10G multiprotocol transponder FCX10G/FCX10G2. To put in a nutshell – we offer an active CWDM solution for all possible applications. Thus up to eight different services can be covered in an existing network. This equipment enables customers to upgrade and essentially extend their existing applications. OSX8+1 and FCX10G/FCX10G2 are as compact as the FCX4G/FCX4G2 and can be easily integrated into existing arcutronix systems.

Juergen Schroeder, CEO of arcutronix, explains: „Our customers want a maximum of applications with as little cost and effort as possible. For this reason, we developed a versatile CWDM solution, which meets this demand. FCX4G/FCX4G2, OSX8+1 and FCX10G/FCX10G2 offer our partners a complete and efficient modular CWDM solution. This enables them to individually assemble our components into any passive as well as active solution.”