New members in the SDSL family of arcutronix

arcutronix GmbH extends and renews its SDSL family

The new members of the arcutronix’ SDSL-family (called CSXfam), the experienced network equipment supplier, has established itself again in the copper-based access technology. CSXfam offers the possibility to transport different services across one or more copper pairs, as installed in the access network. Symmetrical data rates of 5.7Mbit/s on a twisted pair (TP) over several kilometers allow the network operators to offer powerful services even in rural areas. Although all the world talks about FTTx, the existing copper lines are valuable assets that can be used and represent a large share of sales in service providers copper infrastructure.

CSXfam not only has interfaces for Internet traffic (Ethernet port), but also other services can be realized with its modular system. Thus, in addition to the Ethernet interface, V.24 ports are available for legacy connectivity applications.

The product-variants within its Ethernet capability not only provide the usual 10/100BaseT port, but also a fibre interface. This makes it possible to connect the devices with fibre-optic networks and then pass on the data onto the copper network. This enables hybrid network structures, which facilitates and support possible changes within access networks. In a 4-channel bundling configuration, Ethernet data transport over 20Mbit / s is possible.

Designed according to the latest standards of ETSI and ITU-T for SDSL and G.SHDSL technology, the devices are compatible with the manufacturers of MSAN and DSLAM. Usage as a customer premise equipment (CPE) is also possible.

Back in the spring of 2014 the SDSL-repeater “BRX1” and the matching Remote Power Unit “RPX16” were launched. BRX1 serves as an amplifier for CSXfam and acts as a range-doubler. With the help of RPX16 up to 32 devices of BRX1 can be remotely powered from a central location on the SDSL lines.