The ENX-F introduces its self!

Press information

Hanover, 16. January 2012

Synchronicity at the highest stage – The „ENX-F“ introduces its self !

Hanover - Access specialist arcutronix introduces its highly flexible ENX-F. The ENX-F is a new Carrier-Ethernet-Demarcation device. With a focus on IEEE1588v2 and SyncE, it enables synchronous and high quality data transmission to the Ethernet based access area. One major application of the ENX-F is connecting mobile base stations (4th generation, 3G/4G/LTE) to existing Carrier networks.

The ENX-F with its two Gigabit WAN interfaces and four Gigabit Combo interfaces has been made for equipment which needs to transport voice, video and data at a very high quality with highly accurate clock frequency over Ethernet based networks. The form factor of this hardened device is 19” with 1U Height. It can be installed in 19 inch racks indoors as well as outdoors in a street cabinet.

The synchronization within the Ethernet network can be done in two ways – Either with Precision Time Protocol (PTP IEEE 1588v2) or with SyncE Synchronous Ethernet (ITU-T G.826.1).

By exchanging PTP packets with time stamps between different network points very high clock accuracy can be generated. With SyncE the synchronization is done at layer 1 to the Ethernet data stream. SyncE offers high quality clock accuracy only known in SDH networks before. With the ENX-F both kinds of synchronization can be used or mixed up in the access area to combine different clock domains.

Several classes of service for voice-, video- and data-services can be defined and supervised! The local and remote management of the ENX-F can be done via a clear structured WEB GUI, a Command-Line-Interface and SNMPv2c/SNMPv3 protocol. This guarantees an easy and quick integration into existing network management systems if needed.

With the ENX-F you can update your Ethernet Access network to a high qualtity network for existing and new services!