arcutronix launches 10 Gigabit Multiprotocol Transponders FCX10G and FCX10G2

Hannover, 18.12.2008

Access specialist arcutronix introduces its high flexible 10G multiprotocol transponders FCX10G and FCX10G2. The fiber optic transponders are new members of the manageable arcutronix system products and allow data transmission via single or dual independent channels. Each channel supports data rates from 9.95 Gbit/s up to 11.32 Gbit/s for all 10G applications, such as Ethernet LAN/WAN, SDH/Sonet, Fiber Channel, Fibre Channel with FEC and OTN.
The modular FCX10G enlarges perfect arcutronix’s connectivity and Ethernet demarcation product family and enables customers to deliver all kind of services within the access area. The transponder can be operated within the single slot housing or a sub rack. With pluggable XFPs and 3R functionality for the signals on board the FCX10G/FCX10G2 offers the capability for any combination of long and short haul together with using different wavelengths and colors. Data transmission of up to 80km for each port allows economical transport of broad band services within the access area as Modem or Repeater. Each unit can be managed to allow supervision and maintenance of transmission based on a lot of embedded diagnostic functions.
These characteristics distinguish the FCX10G as unique member of arcutronix’ transmission family.
Juergen Schroeder, CEO of arcutronix, explains, “Today, the market demands Ethernet solutions that bridge growing distances, facilitate increasing bandwidth, and handle various protocols. The FCX10G enables us to meet expectations and to provide for upcoming developments.”