"arcutronix goes art"

Arcus/Arca (latin): Arc/bridge arch

Is a symbol for connection.
To connect people, cities, countries, continents and you!
arcutronix mission is to connect people and customers via its products delivering a wide band of services. Due to that the bridge is the perfect symbol to represent this theme.
For arcutronix, the artist Christophe Carbenay is engaged in the theme "bridges, connecting the world". His etches inhabit "hairy planets, although they seem to float in universe, but they are linked firmly by a large numbers of bridges, ladders and ropes. Between these worlds is a lively coming and going. The residents are bizarre figures: flowers and topper carriers, creatures of elfins and fisherman. All move safely through this fragile world.

The artist Christophe Carbenay was born in St. Maur/France in 1964. Since 1981 he lives in Germany.
He would have liked to become an astronomer. But it was never enough in the subject with Mathematics. However he began early with drawing. He studied fine arts in Hanover and Brunswick. Since 1999 he attends to art exhibitions inside and outside of Germany.
Christophe Carbenay has found his real means of expression in the line: He is a complete draftsman and etcher. His way of working is mainly characterized by free association, although the expertise after many years of drawing according of nature is evident. His art abstracts a specific interpretation and activates otherwise the viewer to free minds about the drawings. The creations of Carbenay's world are funny, but also a little bit strange beings.